Donald B. Fiske Jr. (Son of Founder D.B. Fiske) and Adam Holland, President of Holland Entertainment LLC, at the Grand Opening of the Newly Restored Fiske Theatre (Sept. 21, 2012.)


The Fiske Theatre is operated by Holland Entertainment LLC.

Holland Entertainment was founded in May of 2011 with its sole purpose to provide high quality entertainment to the people of Northeast Louisiana.

Holland Entertainment is owned by Jim, Janice and Adam Holland who have been actively involved with the resurrection of the Fiske Theatre since she returned to life in Motion Picture Exhibition in 2007.

Adam Holland, President, served as the chairman of the Fiske Theatre Committee from 2007-2009 and Executive Director of the Theatre for the West Carroll Chamber of Commerce from 2009-2011 prior to the company leasing the facility in June of 2011.

It only takes one word to describe the philosophy of our management style and that is EXCELLENCE.   It is our goal to provide you with the most EXCELLENT experience from the time you leave your car until the time you head home.  We preach EXCELLENCE to our cast.

When you enter the Fiske you will be treated to the absolute best movie going experience that can be found in the state.

We strive to provide the most personable and friendly service from the Box Office to the Concession stand and you may even be asked how is everything while seated in the auditorium.

No theatre in North Louisiana can match the quality of presentation that is offered at the Fiske.  Movies at the Fiske are projected using the most state of the art projection and sound equipment insuring that the last run of the movie is as good as when it is taken out of the box.

Where the management at the larger theatres are hidden away in their ivory towers, 99.9 percent of the time Adam or a member of the Holland family will be there to greet you as you enter the theatre and as you leave, and they take all comments and suggestions to heart.

If you want the very best movie going experience don't go to the big boxes where you are just a number come experience the best with us.